Unified communications client applications

Today, more and more organizations are struggling to keep up with the changing face of the communications industry, particularly when working to manage communications across a number of platforms.

Similarly, the need for real-time communication across portable and easily mobile tools is paramount. Mobile workers typically spend 40% of their time away from their desks, and juggle multiple phone numbers, devices and voicemail systems – this can complicate matters and waste crucial time and money.

Modern Phone Solutions is designed for the needs of the mobile professional.

Modern Phone Solutions allow companies to seamlessly integrate their communication systems across various platforms and vast geographical spreads. CTP delivers an intuitive and feature rich communications application that consolidates various forms of communications onto a single, interface – your email inbox, easily accessible via your mobile phone.

Modern Phone Solutions dictate that employees need not be bound by a specific location: rather, they work remotely but appear to callers as though they are physically located within an office. Employees will use the same phone number and functionality when working remotely as in the office – calls are handled by the rules set out for each queue, and delivered to the most appropriate agent, irrespective of their whereabouts.

All devices are part of a secure network that is managed by you, reducing the complexity of communication via a single business number and voice mailbox. All telephony and communications are controlled from within a web browser; no client software is required, and all key communication data resides on a central server rather than on a remote PC. Users are able to access Core functionality remotely on any computer equipped with a web browser and a high-speed internet connection.

No matter where you’re working, and upon which platform – you will never miss a thing.

With CTP phones, you can:

  • Search the internal directory to see the real-time status of colleagues (in the office or in a remote location).
  • View details of all calls received at their desk phone whilst away – users can then choose whether they would like to-pick up this landline call from their mobile phone.
  • Make use of a single voice mailbox for both office landline and mobile phone calls.

Further benefits of a CTP system include:

  • Dialling numbers from your compute quickly and easily
  • Click-to-dial any contact stored within Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes: this saves time and dialling errors
  • View a contact’s details from a call alert window when making or receiving a call
  • For known contacts, the system identifies the caller by name
  • Retrieve a live call from voicemail
  • Redial a recently dialed number
  • Answer, transfer or hang up calls
  • Place calls on hold
  • Record call, or segments thereof