Presence and instant messaging


With Unified Communication users can view Presence information in real-time to understand the availability, status and skills of colleagues working.

Key features of Presence:

  • Immediately synchronises with Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Out of Office Assistant, to ensure that your status is always up to date.
  • Provides you with a range of Presence states to control how your telephone system handles incoming calls, and provides callers with options such as alternative numbers or names, or (where appropriate) the ability to divert the call to your mobile phone.
  • Allows you to see when your colleagues are on the telephone, and even tell whether they are on an incoming or outgoing call.
  • Automatically updates your voicemail smart greeting to advise callers of your availability and expected return time.

Instant Messaging (Chat)

  • You can communicate with your colleagues via Instant Messaging (Chat). This feature is particularly useful when you need to contact a colleague urgently but cannot use the phone for example, when they are currently on another phone call.