Bundled Unified IP telephony

Have you outgrown your PBX or does it need a refresh? Setting up a new site? Looking to take first steps to IP and convergence?

With Coretp Unified IP Telephony, you can enjoy the simplicity of dealing with one provider for a complete business telephony solution including carriage, equipment and service management.

Core TP IP telephony allows you to pay a monthly charge that covers your equipment and your choice of Unified Communication features – instead of tying up your capital with the purchase of PBX equipment and handsets.

Combine Ip Telephony with the reliability of voice carriage services for your calls and you have a complete business telephony package.


Core TP IP telephony includes:

  • Supply and installation of VoIP equipment, including a rich feature set and associated peripherals such as handsets, consoles. You will have a wide choice of handsets, including IP handsets.
  • Service management options to satisfy your requirements – ranging from basic through a premium managed service.
  • Total solution of IP Telephony and voice carriage.