Case Studies

securing stronger financial futures

Core Technology Partners, improving business resilience for a financial services business


Osborne Yuille Financial Planning has been providing financial solutions for over 37 years. They specialise in taxation advice, financial planning, accountancy support, business development and coaching.

For Osborne Yuille to provide innovative, intelligent and responsive financial solutions for their clients, a reliable IT system is critical. Having outgrown their managed services provider (MSP), they were looking for a new company that offered a proactive consultative approach to reduce the Chief Information Officer’s workload.  They needed an IT partner offering cyber security services, comprehensive reporting, unlimited consumption of service model and overall improved business resilience. They also required a smooth transition with no downtime.

The challenge they had for Core Technology Partners was to transition support and consultation services smoothly from their existing MSP, with little to no documentation and with no business disruption.

“Engaging Core Technology Partners reduced my overall workload so I can concentrate on some key projects. Their proactive and process driven procedures give me the peace of mind that we have experts looking after our technology.” Says Damian Smith, Chief Information Officer.

How We Went About It

Core Technology Partners took up the challenge and offered Osborne Yuille a clearly defined solution which included:

  • User ICT support
  • Transition methodology and approach
  • QBR process and improvement schedule

Core Technology Partners completed a full risk analysis of their systems and overall business resilience and risk analysis.  On top of these, Core Technology Partners also included additional security services as part of the base service.

The process started with an onboarding kick off meeting with all stakeholders. Then, we conducted a six week site and system assessment to evaluate and address any failures, shortcomings, or areas needing improvement.  The risk analysis and review were presented before the “go-live date” and the staff at Osborne Yuille were given a “get to know Core Technology Partners” session outlining why management had engaged us, including what we were expected to achieve and improve.


The Solution

Core Technology Partners assigned a dedicated project team to assist Osborne Yuille every step of the way to transition between MSP providers with no business disruption. Core Technology Partners documented all processes and set up a complete onboarding process to acclimatise everyone as quickly as possible for immediate productivity.

Core Technology Partners reviewed and recommended changes for Osborne Yuille to immediately recover from an outage. These included:

  • Offsite and secure backup solutions
  • More resilient and redundant infrastructure with no single point of failure
  • Better endpoint protection
  • Dedicated security services
  • Complete documentation on the environment and systems

Ultimately Core Technology Partners provided Osborne Yuille with a secure ICT system by running a full security assessment to address vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure to reduce and risks that could lead to business losses while providing an accessible and skilled support team for Osborne Yuille.

Osborne Yuille were extremely satisfied with their collaboration with Core Technology Partners.  The result was a smooth transition to a more efficient system, improved business resilience and uptime, increased staff confidence in the IT team, reduced cyber security risks and a more scalable IT system.


We often have to work under a lot of pressure and it’s great to know that Core Technology Partners can work in with our culture and work together with us to achieve results. Core Technology Partners have provided the solutions we needed to ensure we could move forward and plan for our future needs.

Core Technology Partners understands we have a budget to work to and I trust they have our best interests in mind. They moved us to an unlimited fixed fee platform. The solutions they provide are always cost effective and I know we are getting the best outcome for the best price.

Since working with Core Technology Partners, we have streamlined our processes by identifying all potential issues. They have set up set processes and follow up actions resulting in all issues dealt with effectively.

Our staff now has access to ongoing IT support and I know that someone is always available to assist them.

Working with Core Technology Partners, you get a personal as well as professional service.  They know our names when we ring up, we are not just a number and I know they’ll look after us. Core Technology Partners have gone out of their way to make sure they get why we do what we do to adapt their solutions to fit.

Damian Smith, Chief Information Officer

Case Studies

a full suite of debt recovery services

Core Technology Partners, delivering a resilient and scalable IT system with no business disruption and zero downtime.


The ARMA (ARMA) Group is a specialist provider of contingent debt recovery solutions, outsourced accounts receivables and litigation services. As a boutique provider that is rapidly expanding, ARMA approached Core Technology Partners as they had outgrown their managed service provider (MSP).

Security is critical for both ARMA’s data as well as that of their clients. When selecting their new provider they required a smooth transition with no downtime. ARMA was concerned about cybersecurity risks, potential budget blowouts and interruptions to their business operations in the transition. ARMA was looking for an IT partner to future-proof their technology needs.

Shane Ashton, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, believed the whole of business needed to be considered. “We needed a partner to take a whole business approach. Someone who could look at the business from a business owners’ perspective to advise and action significant IT and technology improvements.” he says.

A lack of engineering and consultative resources, limited documentation, underperforming reporting capabilities and risk around business continuity were crucial concerns raised.

How We Went About It

Working closely with ARMA’s leadership team, Core Technology Partners developed an extensive risk analysis to detail their systems and business resilience.  Core Technology Partners developed security solutions, including:

  • A security risk profile
  • Threat identification
  • DNS protection
  • Scheduled phishing simulations
  • Threat reporting
  • 24 x 7 security support
  • AI security products

A detailed project assessment was also undertaken, which included:

  • An onboarding kick off meeting
  • A – 6 week site and system assessment
  • A risk analysis and findings review before the go-live date
  • A staff and user ‘get to know us’ session to outline what Core Technology Partners would achieve

Core Technology Partners provides ongoing support while maintaining a feedback loop with the company’s end users.

The Solution

To address all ARMA’s concerns and deliver a seamless transition, Core Technology Partners upgraded ARMA’s firewall and internet capabilities resulting in zero downtime, increased productivity and revenue. A detailed security assessment and services overview means that ARMA will be able to recover quickly and with minimal disruption from an outage or security event. Comprehensive documentation of their technology and system now offers more business resilience.

Core Technology Partners moved the business to a fixed fee service model with skilled support staff and accessible service desk resources. “I have never heard a complaint from anyone about their dealing with Core Technology Partners and there is certainly no hesitancy to contacting them for support,” says Shane Ashton.

ARMA is extremely satisfied with the result of their collaboration with Core Technology Partners, which has resulted in a smooth transition to a more efficient system with no business interruptions. Business resilience and uptime have been significantly improved since working with Core Technology Partners. Not only is there increased staff confidence in the IT team, they now have a scalable IT system with reduced cybersecurity risk as they continue to grow.


Core Technology partners find solutions to our growing business and IT challenges. The service that Core provides is seamless. Working with Core is like having an extension of our organisation — they’re just a phone call away and we know we can get things resolved very quickly. I have never heard anything negative from anyone on the team about dealing with Core. They are an integral part of our IT decision making process as they understand our infrastructure better than anyone else. ​

We have confidence that our data is protected, secure and reliable through the processes and structure​s ​Core has put in place. By​ ​ensuring​ that our data is checked and our servers regularly maintained, this gives us the rigour we otherwise wouldn’t have achieved ourselves.​​ Instead of having to manage and invest in an internal IT team, I have access to an entire team of people from Core with a broad range of expertise across all aspects of IT.

What we get from Core is more than just an IT service. We consult with them on our ongoing needs and rely on them to ensure we are evolving with the changes in technology. Since transitioning over to Core, we now experience no downtime which has increased our overall productivity and we now have no IT disruptions. This is critical as we are a paperless recovery agency.

I find Core easy to work with as their business approach means that they understand what we need and we can always rely on them.

Their constant high level of service is one of the things I appreciate. They are familiar with our operation and people, which is excellent for our business. I would recommend Core – as with Core, it’s not just a supplier relationship- it’s a partnership.

Shane Ashton, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder